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Treating Dental Emergencies in St. Cloud 

Call immediately in the case of an emergency: (407) 952-0083 

When a dental emergency causes pain or damages your smile, St. Cloud Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is here to help. With a dedicated after-hours emergency line, we take your calls and provide over-the-phone attention. Emergencies that occur during office hours are treated in the same-day, relieving you of discomfort and providing you with dental care right when you need it. Drs. Alan Heap and Jared Nestle offer rapid treatment to protect oral health for families in St. Cloud. 

If you have a dental emergency, such as damaged teeth or severe pain, call us immediately!

Emergency Services

Our practice is dedicated to resolving your emergency as quickly as possible. When you visit us with a specific dental issue, we, we make a point to treat you with compassion and personal attention, just as we would under normal circumstances. Drs. Heap and Nestle take the right amount of time to understand your distinct issues and the source of your pain and then apply the appropriate procedures. We offer care for common and complex dental emergencies, including:Dental Emergencies

Broken Teeth
Failing Teeth 
Damaged Restorations and Prosthetics

Especially with emergency care, we emphasize quality treatment that improves your comfort while also preserving your natural dental structures. When speaking over the phone or in-office, we explain what you can expect during treatment for your dental emergency. Patients experience two kinds of dental emergencies: trauma and decay. 

Trauma Emergencies: Knocked out or fractured teeth or dislodged crowns and bridges are examples of dental trauma. These problems often require immediate attention to save a tooth. The inner structures of a tooth are sensitive, and when exposed, can be infected. Our dentists do their best to save teeth by using conservative procedures, such as root canal therapy, crown restorations, or bonding with tooth-colored composite. A missing tooth may be best replaced with a single dental implant or multiple with implant-supported dentures. 

Decay Emergencies: Untreated infection only grows worse over time. If patients neglect to have their toothache cared for, then bacteria may advance into deeper areas of the smile. Depending on the severity of discomfort or the location of the infection, root canal therapy or extraction may be necessary. 

Partial and Full Denture Repair

We offer same-day denture repair to help those who have broken or damaged their denture appliances. Our dentists know that many patients only have one set of dentures, or only one partial to maintain normal function. We offer rapid repair to maintain your quality of life. 

Taking your Emergency Dental Calls 24/7 – St. Cloud Family and Cosmetic Dentistry 

Please don’t hesitate to call us after hours. A dedicated dental professional will answer your call and provide guidance on what you can do for your emergency. Our dentists resolve your issues and keeping your smile safe!