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About Our Dental Practice in St. Cloud

Families in St. Cloud rely on Dr. Alan Heap and Dr. Jared Nestle for comprehensive dental care. Our modern practice offers a full range of services to address basic and advanced dental needs, supporting healthy smiles no matter the challenge. If you are new to the area or are looking for a comfortable family dental practice, visit St. Cloud Family and Cosmetic Dentistry off of Highway 192. 

Serving Patients of All Ages

Every patient deserves personal attention and individualized treatment. Our experienced dentists and staff ensure your treatment is designed around your unique smile and that you are given the consideration you require to be comfortable. Every age group has different dental needs, requiring a variety of services to fulfill them. Drs. Heap and Nestle use their combined experience to deliver all that patients require. It is our goal to keep children, teenagers, adults, and seniors in good oral health for their lifetimes. 

A Cosmetic Focus for Beautiful Teeth

Healthy teeth are beautiful teeth. We are proud to offer care that addresses discomfort and dental issues efficiently, with the goal of establishing and maintaining oral health. Our services are designed to conservatively protect dental structure while also enhancing natural aesthetics. When patients desire to improve the appearance of their teeth we match them with the best possible treatments.

It brings us joy to assist a patient who doesn’t smile and transform their teeth for a renewed and positive outlook. Many patients have cosmetic issues that can be easily addressed with long-lasting and affordable solutions. For individuals who have extensive damage or wear we offer full mouth restoration which combines multiple treatments to resolve complex issues through their smiles. 

A Compassionate and Patient Staff

We believe in taking our time to help patients feel comfortable during their visits. Although we treat issues efficiently, we ensure patients have plenty of time with our doctor and team. We understand how crucial it is for patients to feel at ease and do our best to help them relax. Whether a patient has particularly sensitive teeth or it takes longer for local anesthesia to numb treatment sites, our doctors accommodate any request and provide for their comfort. 

When seeing children, our dentists are patient and friendly. Drs. Nestle and Heap hope to create a positive experience for all children, ensuring they are accustomed to dental care in the future. 

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We do all we can to make your dental visit positive and comfortable. Reach out to our staff if you have questions about insurance coverage, financing options, or our treatment offerings. Schedule an appointment for you or a loved one and experience quality dental care!

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