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Children's Dentistry

 Children's dentistry in St. Cloud - 

Serving Children from Ages Three and Up

At St. Cloud Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we know how to take care of your child’s oral health needs. Our dental professionals, Dr. Alan Heap and Dr. Jared Nestle, offer their experience and modern dental techniques to support a healthy s smile into adulthood. With a kind staff and a positive environment, we make every visit lighthearted and comfortable. 

Our dental practice sees children beginning at age three, providing a full range of diagnostic exams and child-centric treatments to keep young smiles as healthy as possible. Our emphasis on preventive care and total wellness keeps the big picture of your child’s long-term oral health in mind. 

Laying the Foundation: Prevention and Education

Child Dental Care in St. CloudWe create a welcoming space for parents with children of any age. Our dentists understand children love to learn new things; we take the time to explain what is going on in their smile and the ways children can protect their teeth. Drs. Heap and Nestle provide thorough examinations that give parents a clear understanding of potential procedures or any issues with dental development. 

Depending on your child’s needs, we can treat existing issues in one day, providing they are comfortable with us doing so. If we see that children have health issues stemming from infrequent hygiene or nutritional choices, we can make recommendations on practical ways to improve their oral health from home. At St. Cloud Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we want to minimize the number of treatments your child requires, which is why we approach their care proactively. 

Providing All that Your Child Needs

From their first visit to when their smile has reached maturity, our care providers keep every aspect of your child’s smile in mind. Professional cleanings and treatments preserve natural tooth structure and promote healthy growth for new teeth. Our dentists tailor these procedures to individual patients, since each smile is different, making sure they receive the care they need. The following treatments are a few of our excellent children’s dental care options: 

Fluoride Treatments
Gentle Fillings
Pulpotomies and Crown Care

When patients reach age seven, Drs. Heap and Nestle provide orthodontic exams to review jaw structure, checking for proper growth and space for future adult teeth. In the case of occlusal issues, we can extract teeth that did not properly fall out and adjust dental structure with space maintainers. When additional orthodontic care is needed, we have expert orthodontists for a referral. 

Contact Our Family Dental Office for Attentive Care

Our dental office supports a comprehensive experience for children. With TVs in every operatory, kids can be more comfortable during treatments. Drs. Heap and Nestle are patient with all children and encourage parents to join them in the dental office. 

If you’re seeking out a new dental practice for your child, visit or call St. Cloud Family and Cosmetic Dentistry